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    Share Connections Between Active/Active NSP


      Hello Community!


      I'm used to reading the community but this is my first time writing a discussion.


      We would like to know how / if it is possible to distribute the connections (load balance) between 2 active/active sensors.


      I have read about the failover on the admin guide for NSP and it explains that it is possible to have traffic flowing between both sensors and, if a sensor gets down, all traffic goes to the sensor that is up.


      Right now there is many connections going through one of the sensors and a considerably less amount of connections going through the other sensor.

      Is it possible to choose how many connections each sensor receives?

      Is it possible to distribute those connections without the client having to lose the TCP connection he already established?

      I have read about XC Cluster also and I would like to know if this is only possible on NSP XC or if normal NSP also has those features.


      Thank you!