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    Web Gateway Appliance WG-4500 Help


      I just upgraded our proxy from Proxy (Optional WCCP) to Transparent Bridge and everything was good until all our traffic started flowing at around noon. Using the original settings we only had about half of our users going  through the gateway because people figured out ways around it or our IT guys were too lazy to make sure it was working at their locations. Now that it's a transparent bridge almost all traffic is flowing through the device and it's taxing the memory bad. Is this normal, should I upgrade the memory? Or is there something going on in the machine that I should look at? I was pretty sure when I specked this machine out it could handle our traffic. It's two years old. On a full day we have just under 1000 users. Version


      Also, does anyone know what the most memory is that this machine can utilize?


      Thanks in advance.



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