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    Event ID 34443...what am I missing?


      I've just deployed MOVE Agentless 3.6 to a single host in my cluster and it's successfully deleting EICAR test files.  However each time it does I get the warning:


           Scanner service warning, unable to contact the hypervisor. Please update the SVA policy on ePO and provide credentials for the hypervisor.


      All components are successfully registered and it appears that my credentials are correct per: McAfee KnowledgeBase - Event ID: 34413, Scanner service error, unable to register with the hypervisor


      The only thing I can think that might be giving me a problem is that I initially tried to deploy the SVA from ePO and kept running into problems so I just used vCenter to deploy the OVF.  So when I look at the entry for the host in the MOVE AV Service tab in ePO I see "Deployment failed with fatal error. Check task details for error.".  vShield does report that the SVA is there though.


      Any ideas?  I'd love to be able to move forward with the testing this weekend.