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      Hi, I just posted a question having just registered and got a bit of a shock as instead of the user name I had chosen and expected my real name appeared alongside my post ! I quickly deleted the post. Great start. From my experience of other forums etc I was expecting my user name to appear and when I went back and checked under privacy in my profile it was there and alongside it listed 'everyone', alongside my actual name was' yourself'. However in the test box sure enough my real name appeared. I find this very confusing. Anyway as there does not seem anyway to contact a moderator for help ie email I am just using an alias as my name. I don't really understand the point of having user name in this forum, can someone explain how I post with a user name and why my actual name is needed at all ? Seems a bit bizarre.

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          Peter M

          Moved this to Community Interface Help.  With the current community software (Jive) it's normal for you to see your full name, but others just see your user name that you chose.


          You can Edit all those settings by clicking your name at the top far right, from the drop-down menu choose Edit Profile and then go to the Privacy tab.

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            Peter M

            BTW if you would like something changed let me know.

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              When I registered I filled in a user name and then my actual name. When I logged in my actual name appeared. When I posted my actual name appeared along side my post in the forum so I presume everyone was viewing my actual name ? I deleted the post and then changed my actual name to an alias, Robin Goodfellow, and posted this question. My 'alias' appears alongside my question, next to my login and in your reply. The user name I chose was Puck, is this what you see ?

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                Peter M

                Yes.  All you have to do to test that is to log out and view the sane post as a visitor.

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                  OK, thanks, I understand now. First time I have seen my user name ! I never logged out from first registering to posting and viewing so my real name kept on appearing. Not sure I have come across this method of using names before in a forum. Bit confusing all the different protocols. Will re-post my original question now.

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                    Peter M

                    I agree, it is confusing.

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                      and something that annoys me as well That is why I renamed myself as Peace (1st Name) keeper (surname) so I see similar to my user name