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    ELM Sizing isssue


      we have ELM 4600 .. as per McAfee default sizing .. it should have 3Tb after Raid ..

      we checked the real size and came to know the actual size is only 1.9 TB , not sure where  1.1 TB is

      Please let me know if you have any information about it.

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          I also have an ELM 4600 and it shows a total of 1858 GB available for log storage. Looking at the mount points I see nearly 4TB of storage including the / "root" mount point. 

          McAfee-ELM-4600 ~ # df -h

          Filesystem            Size  Used Avail Use% Mounted on

          /dev/sdb3             1.9T  4.6G  1.8T   1% /

          /dev/sdb1             975M   85M  841M  10% /boot

          /dev/sdc1             1.9T   88G  1.8T   5% /elm_storage/local

          shm                    32G     0   32G   0% /dev/shm

          /dev/sda              222G  106M  221G   1% /index_hd

          I'm guessing the marketing guys and development guys didn't communicate well here.  Just a quick look at the available combinations I'm guess 4 x 1TB drives in a raid 6 would leave you with just under 2TB.  Maybe they originally planned to use raid 5 leaving you with 3TB.  Not really sure why they sell an ELM 4600 as you would think that storage would be a big need on the raw log server.  However, in my situation I think (devices were purchased by my predecessor) the plan was to purchase a HBA to connect to SAN storage which I'm in the planning phases of doing.  I'm using the local 2TB storage for determining daily/weekly/monthly storage requirements based on the statistics feature of ELM.  Once we have the SAN storage allocated and connected I'll just mirror the local out to SAN. If I find a definitive answer to the 2TB vs 3TB (spec) I'll update you.

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            Hi Secureinfofirst,


            the 1.1 tb are reserved for System, update, configuration and other things. Its a  normal behavior.