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    Run task on systems in query based tag?


      Is it possible to create a scheduled task that deploys based on tags? I can deploy to a tag manually, but the scheduled deployments want to point to a place in the system tree. I have about 50 OU's and plenty of machines scattered across them with no existing criteria to group them. I need to apply the tag manually and then deploy the software. If there's a better way, I'm not stuck on using tags.


      Any suggestions are greatly appreciated.



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          If you can create a tag to define the machines that require a software deployment then you should be able to create a query to do the same. You get more options when creating a query, and having created the query you should then be able to create a server task to run the query and do a software deployment based on the results.


          Good luck.



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            First create a tag and apply to all matched machine where in tag filter tab you can define machine criteria.

            Now create a software deployment task and in client task assignment select tag which was created in step 1 and schedule as you want. This task will assign only those machines which are having specified tag.

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              Richard Carpenter

              Hi stev379


              I can echo what ansarias offrers. We use 'OS Fingerprinting' based on the OS data collected about the system by the Agent to tag based on Criteria, we then Create a McAfee Agent Product Deployment task to install the product, then use a Client Task Assignment to assign the task within our logical System tree and only apply to systems with Tag <insert tag name>, and on the scheduling page we set to Run Immediately.


              This workflow works in the following steps:

              1. System checks in and based on the Criteria EPO assigns the tag to the System.
              2. On the NEXT ASCI (Agent communication) the system is assigned the Product Deployment ClientTask to Run immediately
              3. Client Agent invokes the Client task which downloads installs the configured products from the repository
              4. On the next ASCI the ePO server refreshes the 'Installed Products' attributes


              We carry out all our system management takes using Tags, and Automatic Responses. This makes the day to day admin burden conciderably less.





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