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    Mounting the quarantine location failed on SVA


      Hi Guys,

      Am trying to mapped quarantine folder on SVA policy but it is failing some reason, I  have followed 3.5 product doc, however it is not mapping the same.

      has someone seen this issues.

      Mounting the quarantine location failed.



      Pankaj BM

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          Note that failure to mount the share is most likely not a malfunction of the SVA itself but may be a failure of a third party service, dependency or protocol providing and enabling this functionality.


          What I often see => Move-av1.tif, right set of credentials is handed over to the windows box, windows box fails to verify this set of credentials (for unknown reasons) and denies access. So far so good. I have not identified a general panacea yet, but you should focus your efforts on the windows box and try to determine why it failed to authenticate the provided set of credentials (assuming the credential set is all correct).


          Here are a couple of pointers:


          Is there any change if you force the windows machine hosting the share to use SMB1, maybe worth a shot? (the 2 involved parties should auto negotiate SMB1 anyway, not sure if the capability to “talk” SMB2 or 3 are included with the SVA per default)


          - On the machine hosting the quarantine share, edit the registry as follows:


          Registry subkey:


          Registry entry: SMB1

          REG_DWORD: 1 = Enabled


          - there shouldn't be any other values refering to SMB, the SMB1 value should be the only one and it needs to sit on 1 for SMB1 to be enabled (0 = disabled)

          - a reboot is required for changes to take effect


          1) The machine which is hosting the share may be configured to use only NTLMv2 protocol for authentication, a security policy that is enforced on all Windows machines in  the environment maybe set to enforce this particular configuration. Amend the security policy to allow NTLMv1 and NTLMv2, and check whether a mount succeeds.


          2) The password used for authentication on the share may contain special characters. Change it to a complex (long) password, only containing letters and numbers. See whether this change in conjunction with the above provides remediation.


          3) Swap FQDNs for IP addresses


          Please try this and see if it helps.

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            Hi Rajinp, Thank for your effords, appriciated

            I will follow your solution and let you know the results..


            Thank you again




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              I am getting below error.