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    How to remove snapshots ?




      I run into a problem where ePO database got full (MSSQL 2014 Express). I haven't found a way to delete snapshots I've made in ePO. Using SQL Management Studio, I see that dbo.OrionSnapshot table takes 1GB of data space. I'm not going to delete it directly from database though, because I don't know what would that brake. Any ideas/help with this ?


      PS! I have purged all last years logs.

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          i´m not absolutely shure, but i think there is only one snapshot stored in the EPO database. Which products are listed in the master repository and which extensions are installed?


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            It would appear so. At first I thought it would be awesome If I made a snapshot every 2nd day of the month for example. So I was able to make 2-3 snapshots. At that time I thought these would be cumulative.

            Now that I'm in trouble, I checked that OrionSnapshots contains only 1 snapshot, but weighs 1GB, which would help me alot with my Express version of MSSQL. I would like to remove it.

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              you are right, i also have no information how to remove a EPO server snapshot. Just an information...could be useful in your situation



              Disaster Recovery Snapshot server task changes from disabled to enabled after restarting the ePO server

              Technical Articles ID:  KB83585
              Last Modified:  12/9/2014



              McAfee ePolicy Orchestrator (ePO) 5.1.1
              Microsoft SQL Server




              When the Disaster Recovery Snapshot server task has been disabled, restarting the ePO server re-enables the task.
              This issue occurs only with ePO 5.1.1 and only when you use a full version of SQL Server (it does not occur with SQL Server Express).


              This issue is resolved in ePO 5.1.2, which is tentatively expected to be released in early Q2 2015.


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                Well.. this is kind of bad. As far as I know, ePO isn't making snapshots automatically at this moment. Snapshot I have, I initiated myself.

                Guess I'm going to make a snapshot of ePO VM and purge OrionSnapshots table's contents from database and see what happens.

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                  I would strongly recommend against removing the snapshot - it's your primary disaster recovery option in ePO 5.x.

                  Instead, I would concentrate on what else is using the space in the DB. The limit in 2014 Express is 10GB  - what's using the space? It might be more productive to concentrate on purging unnecessary events and log entries, or if the size of your environment requires it, consider moving to a full version of SQL.


                  HTH -



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                    Hi JoeBidgood,

                    Snapshot is cool, but you can also use an VmWare Snapshot as well. This recovery option is quite easier and faster than restoring EPO from a database snapshot. :-)


                    So, if you are using a SQL express version and you need more freespace in your database, because SQL Express is limited, removing a snapshot could be a good option.



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                      I will go with working with EPOEvents table, which contains tons of Access Protection logs and seems to take all the space - data space 4.2GB and index space 4.3GB. I haven't had any time working with this since managing ePO is by far not my only duty.

                      I will translate the log into AP rules and then purge all the EPOEvents.


                      Thanks both of you for thinking along I will let you know in the end how it went.




                      I looked through the events and made necessary changes to AP exclusions and deleted all the events. I have ~8GB free space now ! Success.

                      Whoever wants to retrace my steps I advise you to use deletion code below, instead of just plain DELETE FROM EPOEvents, because that made my logfile enourmous (had to stop deleting becasue my drive was about to get full). Had trouble shrinking it afterwards.


                      DECLARE @continue INT
                      DECLARE @rowcount INT
                      SET @continue = 1
                      WHILE @continue = 1
                          PRINT GETDATE()
                          SET ROWCOUNT 10000
                          BEGIN TRANSACTION
                          DELETE FROM EPOEvents --insert WHERE statement, if you don't want to dump all of it
                          SET @rowcount = @@rowcount 
                          PRINT GETDATE()
                          IF @rowcount = 0
                              SET @continue = 0