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    DLP block vs Read Only issues


      More McAfee disappointment...

      We have a rule that was set up originally to BLOCK CD/DVD devices. We changed it to be READ ONLY and MONITOR. I applied/saved the policy, and sent a wake-up agent to all devices.

      1. I should not need the end PCs to be rebooted, correct? The policy should be updated without reboot, if I understand correctly, right?
      2. The CD's were still being blocked. I had several machines be rebooted, yet still blocked.
      3. I went ahead and disabled the rules, pushed out policies via agent wake-up. Suddenly, people could read their CDs! What is up with this? Can you only have Read Only selected?

      This is for McAfee ePO 4.6.6, DLP 9.3 patch 1