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    Configuring NAT With Multi-Link


      I'd like to better understand how to configure NAT for specific hosts with an active / active Multi-link.


      I have 2 ISPs with public address blocks.


      I need to translate my internal mail servers to a specific Public IP for each ISP to be able to relay SMTP with my mail filtering service.


      For example -


      On ISP_A


      email1 ( translates to

      email2 ( translates to


      On ISP_B


      email1 ( translates to

      email2 ( translates to


      Would I need 4 entries in the IPv4 NAT section of my policy to accomplish this?


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      Received comments back from Support - Yes. For two mail servers and two IPS's you will need a total of four souce translation NAT rules. There is lots of NAT information in the SMC Administrators Guide. Element based NAT information can be found starting on page 521. Here is the URL for obtaining a copy of this documentation. Please let me know if you have anymore questions. Thank you. https://www.stonesoft.com/opencms/export/system/galleries/download/product_docs/ archive/McAfee_SMC_Administrators_Guide_v5-7.pdf