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    Proxy: Transparent Router and Transparent Bridge configuration.


      Hey Guys, I have the next issue..


      The MWG Works fine with Proxy Explicit.. but, when I want set up the Bridge or route I can't get it


      Configuration Detail







      I Put the MWG on Transparent Route and config one client gateway ip address with the MWG IP Address (, right?


      My Client:



      Gateway (MWG)

      But this doesn't work!!!.. I need configure anything else on the MWG or client?

      Also, tried put the MWG in transparent bridge, and add another Nic with another ip address (, But I have not any aditional configuration in the network configuration on the MWG

      Can someone give me an advice?

      Im just want put the MWG IP address in my client gateway..

      Thanks a lot.

      Best Regards.