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    MWG- Can not access several site


      Dear All


      I have problem with latest  MWG 4500 appliance.

      This box cannot access several site.

      This site are :






      those site are mostly popular news site in our country and part of portal http://www.detik.com that we can access normally.


      When we debug with IE developer tools. always pending state in specific url, that extremely long URL like this :


      http://beta.newopenx.detik.com/delivery/spc.php?zones=billboard_default%3D625%7C topdetail%3D315%7Cskycrapper%3D314%7Cshowcaseright1%3D296%7Cshowcaseright2%3D297 %7Cshowcaseright3%3D298%7Cshowcaseright4%3D299%7Cshowcaseleft2%3D301%7Chorizonta l1%3D305%7Cadpointright1%3D310%7Cadpointright2%3D311%7Cadpointright3%3D312%7Cadp ointright4%3D313%7Cadpointbottom1%3D306%7Cadpointbottom2%3D307%7Ccenter2%3D303%7 Cleaderboard%3D467%7Cadpointbidding1%3D468%7Cskinnerkiri%3D479%7Cskinnerkanan%3D 480%7Cnewstag%3D439%7Cheadtohead%3D784%7Cbottomframe_pialadunia%3D708%7Cbottomfr ame_pialadunia_expand%3D498%7Cadpointright5%3D376%7Cambient_tag%3D1080%7C&nz=1&s ource=&r=30043344&kanal=newopenxsportbeta&charset=utf-8&loc=http%3A//sport.detik .com/%3Fcts


      and for additional info, if we by pass the proxy, the access to those site are fine.

      MWG in simplest topology deployment (explicit proxy) and simple rule set.

      There no log in denied_access log .

      and made the connection time out from proxy it self.

      Anyone with MWG  have some problem ?