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    Two Repeating Windows Updates - KB3021952 & KB3032359

    Peter M

      Depending on your Windows OS you may find the above 2 updates being offered over and over again.

      This is due to a malfunction in the Windows Disk Cleanup utility, which for some reason, when run in the Advanced or Admin mode, cleans out the record that these two were already installed, so Windows goes through the motion of successfully installing them, over and over again, just as long as you keep using that utility in that manner.

      In my case, in Installed Updates, they both were installed on 24 Mar and have now been offered and "installed successfully" on 8 separate occasions since then. Fortunately a reboot is not required so you can let Windows have its little bit of fun.

      This isn't the first time this sort of thing has happened.

      MS are aware of it but it's anyone's guess when it will be fixed.