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    Web Gateway errors


      Hi all...looking for a bit of assistance or direction with some errors I am receiving on a Web Gateway


      Here's what comes up:


      205 04/01/2015-16:57:55  

      Physical Security (Chassis IntruPhysical Scrty, Physical Scrty (#0x4) 

      Informational event: Physical Scrty reports LAN Leash has been lost.

      Integrated BMC - LUN#0 (Channel#0)

      The device has been opened and closed again to re-seat the cover

      Additionally, should I worry about the following?

      202 04/01/2015-03:23:27 

      Memory, Mmry ECC Sensor (#0x2)

      Warning event: Mmry ECC Sensor reports correctable error. There has been a correctable ECC or other correctable memory error for the memory module  RANK_0,  CPU_1, Channel =  C, DIMM_C1.

      BIOS SMI Handler - LUN#0 (Channel#0)

      Thanks in advance for any tips and thoughts.