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    Stinger vs Mcafee Antivirus


      Hi guys!


      We have installed on our servers Mcafee VirusScan Enterprise 8.8. In this particular case our mail server is infected and it is sending spam.


      Can anyone explain me how does Mcafee VirusScan doesn't find ANYTHING (the software is completely up to date) and Stinger finds 578 infections?.


      The amazing thing is that even though Stinger finds all those infections, it doesn't do anything.


      It tries to repair even when i've changed the configuration to Delete.


      Any ideas or a better software?




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          You should investigate what threat Stinger is identifying.

          It may require special removal techniques/instructions. It will probably explain why VSE was unable to find it (assuming your scan configuration is adequate). Also VSE can only find "known" threats.


          If it's a rootkit, then there's your problem. Rootkits own your system until removed. VSE has some rootkit detection capability, but the thing with rootkits is - they own your system; if they know how to avoid detection, they will avoid detection.

          Since you say Stinger finds it but VSE does not, it sounds like either new malware and/or a rootkit. I suggest calling Support to help you get rid of it.