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      I accidentally went on one of those websites that automatically download a virus!

      I know its a virus.  Macfee says its a potentially unwanted program (PUP). I click remove but all I get is a message saying that the package come in a bundle or suit and you have to read the terms of agreement before uninstalling. I when I scan my computer it gives the same message. I keep getting the PUP warning but it won't remove the virus


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          "Bundled" is the giveaway. You download one thing, the site uses a download installer which will try to sneak a dozen other things past you. Some of them are difficult to get rid of, intentionally. And because somewhere along the line you clicked an OK, they come sailing in past the firewall and then often download other stuff which is worse.


          So. First things first. Not a virus, probably. An unwanted program or two or three, definitely. You could try to uninstall anything you don't recognise, but often the program makers deliberately won't allow a full clear-up. And then you have to look in all your browsers for unwanted add-ons and extensions ...


          If you've got unknown but unwanted programs (PUPs) the first things you should try are AdwCleaner and Malwarebytes. Click on the links for more information and to download the programs. Do not download the paid-for version of Malwarebytes, the free one is adequate for this.


          These will usually get rid of most of the symptoms of infection, although if you've got something particularly troublesome you may need to go to one of the specialist sites for one-to-one help.

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