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    Cyber Threat Feeds


      I have been testing the new 9.5.0 “Cyber Threat Feeds” functionality, and am looking for feedback. I have created several partner feeds (TAXII) to pull indicators and populate Watchlists by type.  As expected, we can utilize the Watchlists in correlation rules, filters, etc., but I am more interested in new functionality. Some observations:


      1)      1) A back trace search is done for each individual observable in an indicator. For example; An indicator contains MD5 and FileName. The back trace will search for each MD5 and each FileName. Would an indicator to correlation rule make more sense?  

      2)      2) I have developed a process to create STIX formatted indicators from SIEM alarms and push to a TAXII feed. Should this not be an alarm option?


      Tw     3) Two-Way SSL support for feeds?


      All in all, the new “Cyber Threat Feeds” functionality is a step in the right direction.







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