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    451 Unknown error reading data - McAfee SaaS Email Protection Service


      Since ~ March 18th, we have experienced multiple instances of the following mail failures:


      Inbound email with multiple recipients, one or more of which are invalid addresses, fails to be delivered by McAfee SaaS Email Protection. This is occurring with multiple external senders and different internal recipients, so unlikely related to the sender email system. Prior to~ March 18th, the same email with invalid recipients would be delivered normally. Since (approximately) March 18th forward we see the following in McAfee SaaS logs:


      Recipient Disposition: [553 Invalid recipient user@domain.com (Mode: normal); Mode: ; Queued: no; Frontend TLS: yes; SPF: n/a]

      Recipient Disposition: [250 Deferred; Mode: normal; Queued: no; Frontend TLS: yes; SPF: n/a]

      Message Disposition: [451 Unknown error reading data; Backend TLS: n/a; Backend IP: n/a; Policy Set: Default Inbound]


      Additionally, the expected subject line is stripped and not present in the logs. If the sender removes the invalid email address, the message will be delivered as expected. Prior to this issue, invalid email addresses never caused a failure by McAfee to deliver to the receiving mail server.


      A service request has been opened, but to date nobody from my reseller support or McAfee technical services has been able to determine root cause.


      Has anyone experiences the same or similar issues?



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