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    How to export a search result for MEG by EPO



      I have 6 MEG 's (version 7.6.3 ) running/working properly,

      All MEG, the 6 MEG servers being managed by ePO 5.1.1.

      I can find a message from the EPO ( Menu - > Gateway Protection - > 7.6.3 Message Search MEG ) but the result I want or wish to export to a CSV , PDF , etc.

      How I can do?

      What I have to do from the EPO and not from the MEG as the result of the search is several gateways, as pictured




      How do I export this information or these search ?




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          We have the same issue with MEG 7.5.x and have 8 appliances....

          We open an SR with Mcafee and got told we needed to open a PER (product enhanced request)...so we did, but this doesn`t make any sense..it is more a flaw then a PER..as our only workaround now is to go on each appliances and use their export feature and combine the reports....waste of time...


          Please open an SR, if more people do may be Mcafee will listen and provide what should be the basic of consolidated reporting!

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            Thanks for the reply.

            What is the text or you have written to open the PER ?

            I ask because I want to place the same as you and thus there is more chance or possibility to place the new function.

            My English is very bad , sorry

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              I am assuming you are using Content Security Reporter to get the information from the MEGs to EPO? If so you can always create a query using the CSR as the database type and from there a report as a work around since there isn't a direct export function from  the message search. Below I have included steps and a screenshot of what it would look like.


              1. Query, new query

              2. Database CSR, Result type: Detailed Email Delivery

              3. Display Results as: Table, Sort by: Date and Time, Value Ascending

              4. Columns: Date and Time, Traffic Direction, Subject, Sender, Recipients, Bytes. (whatever you want)

              5. Filter: Whatever you want

              6: Run or Save.


              Note: I did not include email results in the screen shots on purpose. As long as your query is configured correctly you should get search results.