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    unable to change "Unmanaged" to managed




      I am running ePO 4.6.8 on a Windows 2003 Standard 64 bit server. I have a computer on the network, running Windows 7 64 bit. There are no firewalls between the two. I have uninstalled and reinstalled the VSE and McAfee Agent (4.8) on the Win 7 box, but no matter what, the status will not change from Unmanaged to Managed. I even when on the Win 7 box, connected to the 0409 folder on the ePO server and ran FramePkg. When I open the Tools tab in Viruscan Console, it shows the ePO server in the Edit AutoUpdate Repository List. In the McAfee Agent Monitor, there are no error messages. I have rebooted both the ePO server and the Win 7 box. Can anyone tell me what I need to do to make this work? I have 20 other workstations and servers on the ePO, but have never had this problem. I have googled the problem and checked all the things I have found there.


      Stephen Keating