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    Browser freezing


      I recently purchased a new laptop, running in Windows 8, which came with a free trial of McAfee LiveSafe.

      When I first start up the computer it works fine.

      After a few minutes browsing the Web, the browser slows down, and after a while all I get is Connection Failed notifications.

      I normally use Firefox as my default browser, but have also tried using Internet Explorer - where the same problem occurs.

      We have two other computers in the house (not installed with McAfee software) which function perfectly well, so it is clearly not an issue with our internet connection.

      I have checked and the Windows firewall is switched off, so no conflict issues.

      I gather from firends that this is a common side effect after installing McAfee anti-virus products.


      Can you advise how I can overcome this problem, or should I simply uninstall McAffee and find alternative protection?