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    McAfee Task-Configuration via GPO




      i tried to set up the confugiration for the task "ondemandscan" by deploying some registrykeys.


      [HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Wow6432Node\McAfee\DesktopProtection\Tasks\{F8D48FD 9-F56E-4808-BC50-7EDC60AF76AB}]







      when i open the virusscan-console on a domain-client-pc the settings are fine - daily: 11:30 and enabled.


      But the scan doesnt start - i dont know why. When i manually open the task in the virusscan console and set it to another time the scan starts.


      Is there any other way to deploy Tasks-Settings via GPO ?  (i dont mean EPO)

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          Clever of you to get that far. You're missing a registry value that's required called bSchConfigChanged.

          Set this to 1, and the task will be flagged as "I need to be rescheduled!"


          The downside is, if this value remains in your GPO then every time GPO is enforced and it writes the value then the task is going to be rescheduled _again_. That may cause you problems long-term. Using ePO is the better choice.

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            Thanks, works like a charm.


            Maybe i'll write a little script that compares the registrykeys to set bSchConfigChanged to 1 or 0.