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    McTray process not yet started. err: 2




      I can't seem to get McAfee system tray icon working with my virtual servers with MOVE AV Client and MA installed (all managed by ePO 5.1.1 build 357).  Here is the error from mvagent.txt:


      U.3404.0116: Mar 23 2015:20:03:40.768:   WARNING: evt.c 2768: McTray Integration: McTray process not yet started. err: 2


      I double-checked that Show the McAfee System tray icon (Windows only) is indeed enabled in the policy (as per KB75625).


      According to KB75625 it has been fixed in MA 5.x but I don't see version 5 in the ePO Software Manager. Do I need to install MA 5 packages manually?


      Thank you.