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    What is the difference between MOVE Offload Scan Server and MOVE Offload Server?




      Sorry for the dumb question, but I'm a bit confused between those two. What's the difference (if any)?


      We got a number of VMs and I'd like to offload scanning to a separate server, so I installed the latest ePO and deployed VSE and MOVE AV [Multi-Platform] Offload Scan Server package on it. Virtual servers got MOVE AV [Multi-Platform] Client installed. It seems that everything is working fine (they are able to communicate, retrieve the policy and etc.). But now if I go to Software Manager under ePO > Checked In Software > McAfee MOVE AntiVirus [Multi-Platform] 3.5 I see:

      "Install - Offload Scan Server" (in description MOVE AV [Multi-Platform] Offload Scan Server 3.5.1) and

      "Install - Offload Server" (in description MOVE AV [Multi-Platform] Offload Scan Server v3.5.1 HF)

      The version is the same, the only difference is HF in the description which I guess stands for Hotfix? So are those two packages different?

      Thank you.