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    Agent deployed to too many systems





           I'm using ePO 4.6.8.

           Most of my systems have agent

           I want to deploy agent, but only to a few systems at first.



           I see the agent is being installed on way more systems than I want.



           I checked-in the Agent package in the "Current branch", in order to deploy it to my systems. I wanted to do a phased roll-out, so I created a "Product Deployment" task, but assigned the task to run only for systems that have the tag "Install agent 4.8".

      However, I see that the agent is being deployed to systems that do not have the tag "Install agent". Why is this happening?


      • I do not have "Global Updating" enabled, so that can't be the culprit.
      • I do however have a "Product Update" task in which I selected "VirusScan Enterprise 8.8.0" in the "Patches and service packs section" (because I'm also in the process of pushing Patch 4 to my VS 8.8 clients, since it's a requirement for agent But an agent upgrade can't, by design, be run through a Product Update task, can it? This also shouldn't be the culprit?


      Any idea why the agent is being upgraded on systems that do not have the tag specified in the "Product Deployment" task?


      Thank you.



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