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    Agent handler settings after ePO upgrade


      ePO was upgraded from 4.6 to 5.1.1


      ePO 4.6 is on one system and ePO 5.1.1 is on another system.


      Everything was imported from 4.6, the ASSC keys, master repository keys etc.


      Was able to deploy MA 5.0 on 4 test machines with success and they all communicate to ePO 5.1 back and forth without any issue.


      There is no remote Agent Handler in the scenario and there's only one Agent handler in use (the local one on ePO 5.1 server itself).


      Now the question is should I use the old Agent Handler information/transfer/update it in the new ePO or not.


      Since old ePO was in a different machine the Agent Handler info will not match with the current Agent Handler's info. What would be a good way of doing it.


      In my understanding, the agent key updater will update all the systems in system tree with current keys when the update agent client task will run or during an ASC and everything will be handled by the new agent handler on ePO 5.1, right?


      Thank you much!