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    Problems with RSD 5.0.1 process getting killed


      Hey guys,


      I´m about to introduce RSD-Sensors to our networks. I recently upgraded RSD from 4.7 to 5.0.1.

      Since then the sensor services randomly get killed and don´t come back again. I first thought it was because of sensorelection algorithm or something like that, but i disabled all that features and still they quit. I also disabled the DNS features for the new RSD-Version.

      We ran ePO 5.1.1, Agents are 4.8 Patch 3, and RSD is 5.0.1. Never had any problems like that with the RSD 4.7.

      The currently affected sensors show up as missing in my webinterface. And i noticed before they died that they weren´t reporting back every 5 minutes as set in the policy (all sensors use the same one) but sometimes it took them 2-3 hours.


      Are there any known issues? Any ideas on how to solve this problem?

      Windows eventlog is just saying nothing.


      Thanks in advance