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    Build automation for server deployments


      So in our ePO environment (running 5.1.1) I have a connection to our Vcenter instance using Mcafee Data Center Connector for vSphere 3.5. As part of our server build process we are automatically installing the McAfee agent (version so in theory when vcenter is checking in we should identify the newly created managed server.


      My goal next is creating an automated process to deploy software to the server and move it to the proper place in the system tree. My idea essentially is watching the Vsphere group, looking for any windows server that is managed and has no AV installed, deploying the MOVE client to the server, and once completed give it a AV deployed tag, and then move it to the servers group in our system tree.


      It seems that I could accomplish this by using a server task executing off the results of a query, but not sure if there's another method that might be better suited such as Product Deployment, or Rogue System Detect, etc.


      Anyone have any suggestions?


      Thanks in advance.