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    McAfee Web Gateway WG5000


      Hi guys,


      I am trying to set up brand new Web gateway 5000. I went through set up to configure basics of ip address, password etc. I also enabled SSH root access. My problem is after configuring initial details and after web gateway rebooted I am not able to login to admin interface. URL I am trying is http://<IP address>:4711.


      My questions are -


      1) What is the default username, is it "admin" or "scmadmin" for above link?

      2) Is there a way to reset this password from root via cli? How?

      3) Since this is new appliance, I would not mind having to do factory reset. How can I perform factory reset with level of access I have? Or is it easy to re-install the software with the image that came with hardware?


      This is WG v7.3.2.2 preloaded. I have image on USB that ships with hardware.


      My experience with McAfee is very limited but unfortunately I have to admit I have entered the password that I can not remember now.


      Any help or suggestions?




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          Hi AJ,


          in our company we use the MWG as virtual appliance but i think it´s the same.

          Use http://IP-Address:4711 or https://IP-Address:4712

          User for first login: admin

          First pass: webgateway


          Check also the Installation Guide, page 18

          https://kc.mcafee.com/resources/sites/MCAFEE/content/live/PRODUCT_DOCUMENTATION/ 25000/PD25432/en_US/mwg_750_ig_installat…


          For PW-Reset there is another thread in this community:

          MWG 7 GUI password reset?




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            Thanks BR. Unfortunately I am not able to look up this KB70100, it doesn't come up for me. Do you have pdf or anything that I can refer to?

            Also, is there a quick way to do complete factory reset for entire configuration? Or to re-install the software? I have image on USB.


            If I use ISO image and boot it from their, would it re-install software? Sorry, I am a mainly a Cisco person have not had much to do with McAfee until now. :-)

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              M Bagheryan M
              1. Stop the MWG Coordinator and MWG UI:

                /etc/init.d/mwg-coordinator stop
                /etc/init.d/mwg-ui stop

              2. Change directory to the MWG storage folder:

                cd /opt/mwg/storage/default
              3. Change to the folder containing your current configuration. This is usually the most recent timestamp, for example:

                cd 2010-10-05_15-42-16-631_+0200

                NOTE: Alternatively, you can use the following command to change directly into the most recent folder (this may or may not work in your environment):

                cd `cat /opt/mwg/storage/active_configuration`
              4. Change into the internal sub folder:

                cd internal/
              5. Edit the administration.xml file. You will see an entry for each user, similar to the following example. Ensure you pick theadmin user. The username is located within the <login> tags:

                    <admin id="com.mcafee.k.admins.initial">
                      <passwordHash>afa2d124d75612f83135b61d695b839b819bac0b74e324bd7f5f663e2ba198f8</ passwordHash>

                The password is stored as a hashed value in the <passwordHash> key (bold type in the example).
              6. Modify the passwordHash line so that it looks exactly like the following:

                <passwordHash>0fd19c3dc3347ba85c501ae9d702642b58d6bc39e067a6a7932b6eea129df0af</ passwordHash>

                The complete entry for the admin user should then look similar to this:

                     <admin id="com.mcafee.k.admins.initial">
                      <passwordHash>0fd19c3dc3347ba85c501ae9d702642b58d6bc39e067a6a7932b6eea129df0af< /passwordHash>
              7. Save the changes to the file administration.xml.
              8. Because all storage folders are protected by a hash to prevent unwanted changes, re-calculate the hash for your folder and enforce it as the most recent configuration (using the proper timestamp):

                /opt/mwg/bin/mwg-coordinator -F "file:in=/opt/mwg/storage/default/2010-10-05_15-42-16-631_+0200"

                NOTE: You need to adjust the folder to the most recent configuration you have changed in the preceding steps. Alternatively, the following should automatically detect the most recent folder (this may or may not work in your environment):

                /opt/mwg/bin/mwg-coordinator -F "file:in=`cat /opt/mwg/storage/active_configuration`"
              9. Check the mwg-coordinator output. It should print a line like:

                OK - enforced as folder '/opt/mwg/storage/default/2010-10-05_16-14-36-975_+0200'.
              10. Adjust the permissions for the Coordinator (using the proper timestamp):

                chown -R mwgc.mwg /opt/mwg/storage/default/2010-10-05_16-14-36-975_+0200*

                NOTE: The following command should automatically detect the correct folder and adjust the permissions (this may or may not work in your environment):

                chown -R mwgc.mwg `cat /opt/mwg/storage/active_configuration`*
              11. Start the MWG Coordinator and MWG UI:

                /etc/init.d/mwg-coordinator start
                /etc/init.d/mwg-ui start

              You can now access the UI again and logon with admin and the initial password of webgateway.

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                Great, this did work for me.

                One last question. Another web gateway I have, when I rebooted first time it did not come up with set up wizard and booting direct to root username/password login prompt. I have not actually entered any configuration yet. Boots as mwgappl. I can't seem to get around to go back to start up wizard.


                Any Idea?

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                  You start the machine from medium with the ISO-Image and there is no installation dialog like this?


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                    Correct, image came pre-loaded with Web gateway and I believe it should start with set up wizard so I can select interface, assign IP etc. But it boots directly into shell as below,




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                      M Bagheryan M

                      Good to see that you got rid of this issue .




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                        Absolutely awesome!

                        I was halfway through reverse engineering this myself to set up the initial DNS, proxy, snmp, etc. etc. etc. settings for a deployed proxy.

                        This saved me a tonne of work - Now I can apply the *ahem* special MWG settings in a more sensible way then applying via GUI for many proxies.

                        One day McAfee will build a text file for config like Checkpoint, Fortinet or Bluecoat... until then, we have XML nested in XML nested in XML .

                        but with cool CLI tools like this our job is easier

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