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    Annoying alert message "on-demand scan has been paused"




      I have a message popping up regulary - sometimes, I think, every 10 minutes, saying "On-demand scan has been paused". It's annoying because it pops up in the top right corner, is quite big, and plays a sound (I believe it's look and sound are defined by my system, but anyway) and this happens while I'm working. It has just popped up again while I was writing this. I think this is background scan, than why should I care at all if it was paused?


      I was trying to play with the settings, but the only way I could make it disappear is by turning off all options of "on demand" scan, effectively turning it off fully. I was happy for some time, but than got a virus alert, and decided to turn it back on.

      I'm surprised that I could not find any mentioning of this message in google or in this commuinty. Am I the only one getting it all the time?

      Now I am annoyed enough to register and ask this question. Can anything be done about this?

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