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    Security History, Suspicious Incoming Network Connection


      Today I just happened to look at the Security History. Surprised to see this and SO many of them? Why is the real question?


      I'm behind a modem from my ISP that is bridged to my router which has a firewall that rejects unsolicited TCP/IP packets.


      2015-03-15 20_21_00-McAfee LiveSafe – Internet Security.jpg

      As you can see the above may not be suspicious, but I do not understand the Disney ones?


      I've got other unique ones as well:

          ==> McAfee ???          ==> Level3      ==> Akamai      ==> Akamai ==> Edgecast Networks ???


      Checked on another IP lookup site and it shows as Merck?


      I'm beginning to think these are caused by my E-mail Checker, I use Mail Washer Pro to check my inbox and it brings down the e-mail and in some cases partially and it does some checks on the content to verify if it is SPAM or not?


      I'm not seeing and 'damage' in that things are not working? Is there a way to TURN this stuff off? I thought it was off but not sure?


      2015-03-15 20_46_20-McAfee LiveSafe – Internet Security.jpg


      There doesn't seem to be a way to turn OFF the radio buttons and I would think the Check box would disable the one on, but I'm not sure it does?