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    Virusscan Update not using local repository


      I have setup site repository's and applied the policy to each site - I check the client on a site and see the local site repository is at the top of the list and enabled.

      the second repository to use is the epo server and the 3rd mcafee external site. When I check a client by running VSS update I see it pulls the dat files from the epo server.

      Any pointers how I can troubleshoot / fix this ?


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          Make sure that local repository is reachable from the client machine. Repository share is accessible from the client machine.


          Make sure that in sitelist.xml, local repository is set to ORDER 1.


          Under VSE console->tools edit repository, uncheck all other repositories like 1-ePO server, 2-  McAfee Http site. Do update now, wait till it fails and share Mcscript log from the client machine.