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    EEPC and encryption... problems.


      Installed the incription on many PC's but this new  HP ProBook 650 is p... me off ....

      - Just opdated bios, drivers of all sorts...


      Error in the MfeEpe.log


      2015-03-12 19:03:29,338 ERROR   MfeEpePcEncryptionProviderPlugin     ..\..\..\Src\EpeGenInitHandler.cpp: EPE_gen_init_handler::handle: 187: [0xEE040001] Opening driver

      2015-03-12 19:03:29,338 ERROR   MfeEpePcEncryptionProviderPlugin     Initialization failed.


      2015-03-12 19:03:29,544 ERROR   MfeEpeOpalEncryptionProviderPlugin   ..\..\..\Src\EpeGenInitHandler.cpp: EPE_gen_init_handler::handle: 187: [0xEE00000B] EPEOPAL_system_pbfs interface (on non-Opal systems this is expected and is NOT an error condition)

      2015-03-12 19:03:29,544 ERROR   MfeEpeOpalEncryptionProviderPlugin   Initialization failed.



      EEPC client agent or wich ever of all those are installed perfectly.


      Status of the client is Innactive (kinda normal with error's)


      What to do anymore ... i'm curently lost in this universe of googling and trying everything...


      Thanks for the colaboration guys !


      Installed stuff on that pc

      Product Coverage Reports
      VirusScan Enterprise 7738.0000
      Endpoint Encryption Agent
      Endpoint Encryption for PC