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    Agent Last Communication


      Hi all,


      I have a very strange thing when I check the client machines: The machine is down and it shows that the "last communication " is not as schdeuled. this casued the client not to get the updated and I have to do this manually. can any one help with this issue

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          What do you mean with "The Machine is down"?


          is this information is what you mean with Agent Last Communication at client site?




          What is the real problem?, agent communication or Client update (DAT update)?


          Agent communication is defined at ePO in McAfee Agent -> General Policy



          1. This policy (Pic.2) must apply to the client, you can check if the policy apply to at client site (Pic.1)

          2. The client must connect to network and can communicate with the server (it will not communicate if "the Machine is Down")

          3. Try to ping and wake up the client from ePO server, if it's success then Agent Last Communication will be update every time the client communicate with the server


          For client to update automatic on the schedule time:

          1. You must create the update task at client task catalog

          2. Assigned that task to the client and define the schedule for automatic update



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            Hello Belal Kayied,


            If your machine is connected in the network you manually update the machine by right clicking on the McAfee tray icon and click on update security to update the client.



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              what I mean by down is that the machine is not powered on.

              the update is the Virus Scan Enterprise. the machies do not get the latest engine update, and DAT updates.

              Last communication is shown from the ePO server.

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                Sorry, if the PC is not power on then how do you do it manual (update), so you must power on the PC then do the update manual.


                If you configure the policy to do automatic update to the PC every day (using client task), then you PC will automatic update every time the PC is switch on (there is a random time after the PC is power on).



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                  hi all,


                  i am sorry for any misunderstadning. But i mean i have the tow issues:


                  1- machines are powered off and on the ePO they show last agent communication is OK

                  2- machines are powered on and they show last agent communication is OK. However, they did not get the VSE engine update. I have to do this manually. this is very difficult to run becasue xome of these machines are located in remote sites.


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                    Do you have a client task already scheduled?



                    If you already have a task, make sure that it is assigned:



                    Finally, make sure you have a suitable schedule to allow coverage for any system that missed the scheduled task time:



                    Hope this helps!

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                      task is already scheduled as there are machines get the update. i have only issue with some machines. When I force manual update or re-install the framwork, things go better. but this is difficult becaue they are in remote site. Does agent wakeup call can solve the issue.

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                        This certainly sounds like an agent communication issues. Could you post the agent log from one of the remote systems that failed to update?


                        I'm not sure an agent wakeup would resolve the issue because you've pointed out that the agent communication is failing. You could try it, but I'd only be guessing about what would happen.


                        It's possible you have a sequence error issue (KB65611), but it could be other things also.


                        What version of ePO, McAfee Agent, SQL and VSE do you have?

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                          My I ask what is the version of ePO and Agent, I got the same issue and the answer from McAfee is upgrade to ePO 5.1.1 and agent 4.8.


                          But there are few thing (beside of bugs on product) you must check to make sure the client got update:


                          1. Refer to
                          2. Make sure when the client power up it's got amount time for update process, in my case some time the client is power up only about an hour then the client miss the update, why this happen?, because when the client power up then first the client will get random time to update the policy, after that the client will make a schedule for update base on the the client task assign to them, some time it can be an hour after the client power up, event in some case the client got update the second day after it's start power up
                          3. Some time the client need the super DAT, In my case event the client only miss 7 update, the client is not download the 7 gem he miss but the client try to get the full DAT (that about 100Mb), and that is a paint full for remote site with slow bandwidth, because the connection always get reset.


                          Please provide the client agent log for the auto update time frame to see what happen at the client site when this auto update task perform.


                          Yes, most of the time, agent wake up will solve the problem, Agent wake up and then update.



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