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    sslvpnrwpd.conn error: bind error on []:555


      Hi all,


      I got this error when configure SSL VPN in NGFW 5.8.1


      2015-03-11 15:47:39.112 sslvpnrwpd.conf info: Loading SSL node

      2015-03-11 15:47:39.164 sslvpnrwpd.conf info: New config parsed: result=ok

      2015-03-11 15:47:39.446 sslvpnrwpd.net error: bind() returned [-1], errno [98](Address already in use), Port [555]

      2015-03-11 15:47:39.447 sslvpnrwpd.conn error: bind error on []:555

      2015-03-11 15:47:39.447 sslvpnrwpd.default error: Failed to start Listener

      2015-03-11 15:47:39.447 sslvpnrwpd.conf info: SSL Credentials [] not found in current configuration

      2015-03-11 15:47:39.447 sslvpnrwpd.ssl info: No ssl credential configuration found for ssl credential id []


      Does anyone have any ideas?


      Thanks and Regards!

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          the "address already in use" indicates you already have something listening on port 555. It's a nonstandard port so if something is listening, it must have been configured by admin (like browser-based authentication).


          The credentials not found is probably more dire though, do you have server credentials selected in the SSL VPN Portal element in SMC?