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    McAfee Faulty EndPoints and Dat file details


      Hi All,


      I have the following questions regarding McAfee AV within an enterprise:

      1. With regards to Faulty EndPoints:

      1.1.  If a McAfee EndPoint is faulty on a computer (laptop or desktop), what is the risk of running a machine with a faulty endpoint.

      1.2. Will a computer with a faulty endpoint still update?


      2. With regards to Dat File versions:

      2.1 McAfee site use to keep a record on this link http://www.mcafee.com/apps/mcafee-labs/release-notes/datreadme.aspx, with this link I was able to use the drop down and see when a dat file was originally released. The site not longer works, where can I check now?


      Kind Regards