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    GetSusp and False/Positives


      Hi all,

      actually we are unsing GetSusp at a customer with more than 10000 endpoints. The systems are tagged if there is one malware event. Afterwards GetSusp is started using EPO.


      If there is an false/positives, what should i do? Where i can report the false/positives??



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          Vinod R

          If you still awaiting an answer let me know will alert someone with knowledge on EPO side of it.. but if its a FP usually the process is same across the board, you submit via myportal.. but let's hold on for an expert to comment

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            If it's just unknown files being reported by GetSusp, - then run GetClean on a couple of clean images to mass whitelist the files in the customer environment. Post this, the noise from GetSusp scans should significantly reduce.



            If it's actual false positives (assumed_dirty, Trojan, Virus, Pup) being reported on files that you know are clean escalate to McAfee Labs via the usual support channels.

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              Hi vinoo,

              actually the endpoints are spreaded around the world. Therefore we are using GetSusp with EPO.

              There is no change, many files are still reported as malware and a extra.dat file is sent to me. I sent many of this reports to support, still no change.


              Is there an EPO version of GetClean available?



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                We intentionally don’t provide an ePO version of GetClean as this tool is not meant to be mass deployed but only run on GOLD COE images or clean file repositories.