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    Agent communication failed

    Haaris Faizan

      My agent 4.8 installed working fine in EPO 4.6 but there is a problem I am unable to troubleshoot.


      Scenario is:-

      Because of problem of solidcore on one server,that server is booted from secondary disk(earlier it was working on primary disk where agent is communicating properly).Now when we wakeup agent and check the server task log,it showing wake up agent task completed successfully but the last communication time was not showing as latest.Also,when check agent log,its giving some error.


      When I uninstall the agent and install it again,it started communicating properly but why its happening ,No idea?


      There is no agent handler and no relay agent in our environment.


      I have attached agent log.


      Can anyone tell me the reason why its happening(happened with 3 or 4 servers)

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          In the attached log I see 'server busy' error


          2015-03-09 13:58:31 [6919]  (8)     [imsite] [I]Upload from: /opt/McAfee/cma/scratch/Unpack/pkgMonMar90828312015_17368.spkg
          2015-03-09 13:58:31 [6919]  (8)     [imsite] [I]Upload response target: /opt/McAfee/cma/scratch/Unpack/pkgMonMar90828312015_7805.spkg

          2015-03-09 13:58:31 [6919]  (8)     [naInet] [I] failed to receive package..server is busy


          When we get this message, we need to review ePO logs also (start with server log). From there you will get some clue about the issue.

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            Haaris Faizan

            Ok ,i will check but let me know one thing that if i will reboot the server from secondary disk,the agent will not able to communicate??