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    McAfee Total Protection error No Virus Protection


      McAfee Total Protection all of a sudden stopped working.  Started getting error that McAfee Full Scan could not be started and that my Computer is at Risk.  Called the help desk at MCAfee and spoke with useless people for almost 2 hours yesterday and they have tried to uninstall the software then reboot reinstall using the cleanup tool.  Then they told me that I had a virus on my computer and asked me to run a virus scanner and malware scanner which came back clean. then they had me run the cleanup tool again and told me to cleanup registry after the cleanup tool runs.  Which I did and it did not help again after the re-install the Virus and Spyware Protection does not get installed and states Your Computer is at Risk and Virus Protection: Not Installed.


      found a post yesterday on this forum that dates back to 2011 and it talked about getting Microsoft Visual C++ redistributable removed from the computer and then having the McAfee software removed via cleanup tool and reinstalled after reinstalling and removing all the Redistributable versions.  I tried that as well and it did not help.  Can someone please help me as I am getting really disappointed with McAfee and Support they are providing.