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    McAfee "Real Time Scan" Continues to cause problems




      I continue to have problems with my version of McAfee cause by the McAfee - Real Time Scan.  This process typically starts once my computer boots up and just runs and runs until I receive a message that there is a problem with my security.  And it isn't an isolated issue. It occurs on all my computers (Lenovo T400, T430 and T520) and several times a week.  I sometime can fix the issue through McAfee Virtual Technician (MVT); but more often than not I have to uninstall MacAfee and then reinstall the software and this occurs monthly.  I have contacted McAfee technical support and they haven't been able to assist me other than to suggest I reinstall the software.


      When I have to reinstall the software I

      (1) Run MCPR.exe

      (2) McPreInstall.exe

      (3) Then physically clear out anything McAfee remaining from my registry

      (4) then reinstall McAfee (McAfeeSetup.exe)


      System:  Lenovo T430, Window 7 x 64 Pro.


      McAfee Security Center: v 13.6; McAfee Antivirus and Anti-Spyware, V 17.6; McAfee Personal Firewall, v 14.6; Mcafee Site/Advisor, v 3.7; McAfee Anti-Spam, v 14.6; McAfee Parental Controls, v 15.6; McAfee Vulnerability Scanner, v 3.6;


      I have read were CCleaner and or Glary Utilities may affect McAfee causing this problem but those blogs were some time ago and I would thing such issues would have been fixed by now.

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