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    Endpoint Encryption Borking on Dell Latitude 7350 Hybrid


      Ok, so, my IS Director showed up randomly with a Dell Latitude 7350 Hybrid (tablet / laptop combo) and said "Here's a new toy. Get a Windows 8 image built and have this to me by next week". Mmmkay.


      So, deploy with MDT, everything going buttery smooth. Drop the computer into the EEPC Encrypt directory on EPO. Get the reboot prompt, reboot, it encrypts. On the next reboot, once it's finished encrypting, I receive the following error message:


      McAfee Endpoint Encryption

      Fatal Error: [0xEE020006] Getting disk info


      Now, I'm not the McAfee guy at work, I'm the MDT Deployment Admin, but we've never had this issue. I know the BIOS is updated to the latest version published by Dell. The only thing I can think of that would be causing this is the hybrid's hard drive. It uses the M.2 form factor. We've only used SATA and mSATA prior to this.


      Any advice?