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    Deploy agents to 'new' machines


      OK, getting there slowly but surely - thanks to the forum support.

      Couple of questions still unsure of.

      I have setup my new EPO server and I synch it with AD every 4 hours. I have deployed the agent to all the machines and force install over existing agent (all the machines are currently managed by the old EPO server, soon to be decommissioned)

      How do I set-up a schedule for it to install on all the machines that are offline at the moment. ? I would like to check all unmanaged systems every hour and install agent if unmanagedand online?

      I see the option in the AD synch settings to install on new agents but is this the same / way to do it ?


      Also, I see from reports that the epo server is running agent version but all the newly deployed machines are running - I cant see anywhere referencing this version number in the software page!