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    Quick Question.


      Yesterday I had LiveSafe update. Now since the update everything seems fine except when I click Navigation>Security History. Now I only click Security History after updates as I click everything just to make sure everything is working, my problem is that it takes a couple of minutes for that page to load instead of being pretty much instant like it used to be before the update. Should I worry about this or is security history just a log and not actually protecting my comouter? Like I said it only takes a little while maybe two mins at most to load (not like it takes half an hour)


      Now I should say everything else seems fine, when I check task manager everything is running, action center says everything is fine as well as the Mcafee LiveSafe interface. I've also ran Virtual technician and that didn't find any problems. So what do you guys think is everything still safe in terms of LiveSafe protecting my computer?