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    Redirect ALL Traffic to MWG via WCCP


      Good day all, I've configured my MWG appliance to work with a Cisco router in a WCCP service group and they are now properly communicating and requests sent to the router are being redirected to MWG. I've observed that the ports that are currently being redirected are configurable inside the MWG web UI with the default ports being 80 & 443, of course. I was wondering, would it be possible for me to have ALL traffic hitting my router interface be redirected to my MWG proxy? I know MWG is primarily a HTTP(s) proxy but I'd like to have applications that would honor proxy settings to be forced to do so.

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          you can redirect all of you HTTP ports to MWG and since 7.5.1 also FTP. When redirecting non supported traffic such as SMTP, the result is likely not going to be what you expect (carefully said). MWG will only understand the protocols it supports on the proxies and thus will happily reply with a 'not supported' message to SMTP and other protocols.



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            Thank you for the reply, Michael. It's what I assumed, but my company is currently trying to curtail a huge bandwidth issue so I'm trying to find ways to restrict not only inherent web traffic (http  & https) but also stuff like torrenting and other applications that may hog the bandwidth. Inside the web application itself, I've observed application lists that explicitly mention torrent variants (eg mininova, scrapetorrent, torrentportal, etc.) so I'm imagining that I'd be able to control torrenting with these lists. I'm also wondering if I couldn't use Application.Name to look for "uTorrent" then block all requests and replies associated with it. Is this making any sense?