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    Mcafee Update Feb. 25th Slowed All Browsers To A Crawl.


      Hello everyone, I was troubleshooting for a period of almost 20 hours over the weekend trying to figure out what was causing every internet browser I tried (Firefox, IE, Chrome, Opera) on this rig to resolve webpages at very slow speeds.


      The specific issue I'm encountering is this: When I try to resolve a website, such as Amazon.com, it will take somewhere from 10-15 seconds to query and finally get the site to load. But once I'm there, I can zoom around and browse within that root http address at my leisure, it's speedy and takes a second or two to pull up additional pages when browsing through items on the site.  This is new behavior over the last week or so. This is the standard to which almost all webpages I try to get to is.


      I could give the comprehensive list of absolutely everything I did to try and figure this issue out, but I think it's defunct since after I uninstalled Mcafee entirely as an absolute last resort, webpages load instantaneously.


      As I said, I noticed this behavior after a Mcafee and Windows update that occured on the 25th of February, I believe.  The Mcafee update actually locked its program up and I had to restart the computer to work it out.  Unfortunately as soon as I re-installed Mcafee anew, the problem resurfaced.


      My speed is 50 down/ 9ish up. 16 gb ram, and so on.  This shouldn't be happening to my computer.  It seems to be entirely related to the software.  (This is after 5 years of using Mcafee with absolutely no issues)  Please help me out.  Thanks.


      I'd like to add that turning off the firewall, re-adding browsers to it, and turning off real-time scanning did not affect the weird amount of time my computer queries for webpages with mcafee installed.

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          Not sure what to suggest here other than make sure your operating system is totally up to date, including Internet Explorer, even if you never use it.  (McAfee uses it for functionality and display).  Run Virtual Technician to make sure the software is OK http://mvt.mcafee.com/  and if that doesn't help I suggest you call Technical Support, it's free and linked below.

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            IE and operating system are all up to date.  Used Vrtual Technician, everything is A-okay according to it.


            There is an svchost.exe process that takes up about 12% of my cpu everytime I try to load a page.  If I end that process, the webpage request goes from querying ('Connecting...') to instantaneously loading the page in its entirety all at once, before I can blink.  I'm assuming this is tied to Mcafee but using process explorers, it doesn't tell me what its attached to.

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              That's where Tech Support is your best bet as they can diagnose these sorts of things.   The only suggestion I have is to try to install SiteAdvisor over itself by downloading it from here: http://siteadvisor.com/

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                I was in chat with a tech support rep yesterday who ticked two settings in Mcafee which did absoltuely nothing...I didn't get much else out of her.  Even with the firewall and real-time scanning off, there's no difference in speed.  The only way my PC is normal is if Mcafee is not installed, so it looks like I'll have to drop it.  It's a shame considering I have 270 days left of my subscription, but I'll have to find something different, better, and preferably free.


                I don't even use Site Advisor now, I can't imagine the horror if I installed that on top of Mcafee.

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                  Before you lose the 270 days subscription I have a couple of suggestions

                  1. I tested this and svchost is not using any high amount of cpu when loading a new page. This when viewed in task manager 2% largest value and only for an instant

                  2. what version of Mcafee is it 13.6 or 14.0?

                  3. When you reinstalled did you use th mcpr removal tool afyer uninstalling via windows control panel?

                  4 You have not got another AV installed or 1 that uses real time scanning?

                  5. You can ask for an escalation to a higher level tech easily done quote your last job number and ask for an escalation call back.

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                    1. Yeah, I hadn't noticed this before, but in Firefox, if I load a new page, svchost goes up to around 13% and stays there for 10-15 seconds loading a new page, does the same in IE, but sometimes 'rotates out' and hands the processor usage to iexplore.exe, same amount of time.


                    2. It looks like it's 13.6 under 'Security Center' info.


                    3. I used MCPR after uninstalling and it said it successfully cleaned everything out.


                    4.  I don't believe so.  I have Malwarebytes and Spybot, but I made sure those processes weren't running at all, no change.


                    5.  I'll have to do that.  I'll report back if I find anything out.


                    Thanks for the tips guys, it's much appreciated.

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                      Malwarebytes free is ok the paid version has a real time scanner and spybot has teatimer feature that needs to be disabled.

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                        Get rid of Spybot, not recommended any more due to clashes with McAfee. 

                        See the last link I posted above for some hints on 3rd party software that's OK to use.

                        You can ask Tech Support to escalate the issue up and up, no need to give up at 1st attempt.

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                          Hi corsa1r,

                                          I am inclined to agree with Colleague Ex_Brit and Peacekeeper advice. As long as you keep onboard Malwarebytes (Free) which is basically utilized as a 'On Demand Scanner'/Compliment to your McAfee Protection. The (RTS) module is not activated. Which could cause Conflicts/Clash with McAfee and it's own (OAS).


                                          As for SpyBot S&D is concerned, not only would I disable the 'Tea Timer', yet go one step further and uninstall it. As it is no longer considered compatible with McAfee. Due to Anti-Virus capabilities. Running (2) active Programs at the same time, not only could cause issues you have mentioned, however other undesirable behavior as well.


                                         It  can very well leave you open to infections, and possibly corrupt the installation you have installed.


                                           I myself am running the (13.6.1592) Version/Build with Malwarebytes (Free) installed and do not experience such. This being Windows 7 Sp1 OS. In addition, please never use any 'Registry Cleaners" at all cost. For they will most definitely cause more harm than good.


                                        To include removal of "Core' processes which are needed in order for your Computer to function normally.


                          Wishing you all the very Best


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