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    Evaluation Process


      I was curious how others do their evaluation process in regards to getting updated.  I know that ePO has an evaluation channel for products, but I've never much used it.  I realize it is a good idea to do it, but I'm wondering if others have a general timeline they follow between testing and deploying.


      I'm also interested in if the timeline changes depending on how major the update.  For example, I'm on Agent 4.8 but trying to get up to 4.8 patch 3 (I think that's it, its the newest one).  In theory this is only a patch, not really a new version entirely, so I would think the "incubation period" would be shorter.  On the other hand, I would think a lot more test time would be needed to update to Agent 5?  I appreciate input on this as I'd like to make sure the way I do things is the safest and least likely to cause problems on updates.  Thanks.