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    Access external encrypted eSata connected via USB




      My company computer developed a nasty click click sound and the boot up sequence started giving me a Hard Drive malfunction error. IT decided to replace the harddrive, which is encrypted with McAfee Endpoint Encryption. I was able to hold on to it for a few days and was able to clone the drive using Ubuntu rescue disk, so the clone remains encrypted.


      I have six years of information that I would like to rescue...


      Now I have a new notebook and when I connected the clone using a USB docking, windows 7 is not recognizing the information, saying I need to format the partitions to use them.


      I did have to chance the password for the safeboot, but I still have the same username and the old password.


      I have been reading, and maybe WinTech can help me, but all the instructions are about internal drives the PC, and not external drives.


      Is there an executable on the computed already loaded with Endpoint Encryption that I can use.