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    Anyone Using Logon Collector 2.2


      Has anyone got McAfee Logon Collector 2.2 to work successfully?  I have a new Windows 2012R2 Standard server.  I have tried installing this multiple times.  It installs without error but when you go into the web based management the selections for setting up logon monitors and monitored domains are missing.  It looks like only half the stuff needed to setup it up is there.  I have a ticket with Gold Support and so far all they have said is they don't know what is wrong or how to fix it.  This is unacceptable to me.  Just curious if anyone has been through this and got it working.

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          This screenshot appears to be from ePO, is that correct?  It looks like ePO and MLC use the same administrative port, 8443.  Therefore you cannot have both ePO and MLC installed on the same server unless you change the admin port of one of them.  You CAN install MLC as an ePO extension, however.  This procedure starts on page 17 of the MLC Admin Guide (PD25271 in the knowledgebase).  There are limitations to this type of installation that are described there in the MLC Admin Guide.

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            No this is not from ePO.  McAfee Logon Collector 2.2 is the only McAfee product installed on this machine.

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              It says "McAfee Foundation Services 5.1" as the build there in your screenshot.  It should say "McAfee Logon Collector 2.2" instead.  I have never heard of "McAfee Foundation Services" so I googled it.  I found lots of articles/posts about this type of issue showing up in ePO installs (and 5.1 is a current ePO version) and mentioned connectivity problems with a SQL database being the problem.  What I then tried was to login to our Windows server and I disabled the "McAfee Logon Monitor" Service.  Now when I went to login to https://localhost:8443 the login box's title is now "McAfee Foundation Services."  However, I am still able to login and I can see a Status button (which your screenshot does not have), so it's not the exact same thing.  What this little bit tells me is that, perhaps, something has not started correctly on your server or there is a connectivity problem between the Logon Monitor and the Logon Collector Services.


              I would take a look at these files:

              [install directory]/LoginMonitor.log (and log.1, log.2, etc)

              [install directory]/server/logs/orion.log (and log.1, log.2, etc)

              [install directory]/server/logs/...  There are various other log files here which may contain some helpful information (like stderr.log)

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                I didn't find anything in any of the logs that appears to be an error.  I am calling back into support now.

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                  Working with support this is now working.


                  I had installed and uninstalled and re-installed this product numerous times always with the same result.  When running the install I changed the user name for the software from Admin to something else and set a complex password for the account. I also opted to connect to an existing SQL server instead of installing SQL Express on the local machine.  Apparently you cannot do that.


                  Tech support found that the core extensions were not getting installed even though the install completed with no errors.  You also could not install them after the fact because you would always get some initialization errors.


                  What fixed it was doing yet another install but leaving the user name for the admin account as "admin" and using a simple password.  This is not a big deal because you can later add users.  Also I had to install SQL Express on the local machine and use that for a database instead of an already built SQL Server.  I am not too fond of that but it works.  So keeping all the default options during the install seemed to cure the problem and I am now able to setup the software without issue.