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    User Management in ePO and AD group mappings


      Hoping it's a simple query. I'm trying to understand how the RBAC are done in ePO. Here is what I hope to achieve;


      I want to run a server tasks that will sync with the my registered LDAP server (AD) daily etc. and then map the users that are part of a specific group of AD (e.g. Security Admins) to a specific permissions set in epo. so that I define my permission sets in epo once and then anyone who is added to AD group can get access to the epo.


      Is this possible?


      So far what I'm able to do is;


      - define my permissions sets as I want.

      - create a user in epo manully and then map him to the permissions sets I want


      this is obviously manual and I've to do it for every user/admin that needs access to epo.