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    McAfee Agent in Azure and communication channel to on-premises ePO


      I've an on-premises setup for ePO for evaluation and have few VM running in Azure which I want to protect with VSE for windows. I was able to successfully sync epo with Azure using DCC no problem. I have a network challenge that I hope someone can help with it.


      The OnPrem-ePO setup doesn't have any inbound communication allowed from outside the corporate network so how can my McAfee agents communicate back to ePO to report status etc?


      Is there any option that allows ePO to go talk to the agents and collect status events etc.


      As I understand the "Wake-up agents" does that but I'm looking for an option that I don't have to click and ePO always does that for all the systems that are running in Azure or in system from where the inbound access to epo is not allowed.


      P.S. I also pasted this on the MOVE area which I believe is the wrong channel to ask epo question hence asking it here.